Sunday, March 27, 2011

pop my blogger cherry! be crass, as always, lawlz.
hi everyone, i'm piper, glad to be here! i hope we get to know each other as i post. this blog is just probably going to be a general blog, but i do plan to post outfits and do the fashion thing. i plan to post different kinds of blogs periodically, among them just pretty things with themes. (i admit, i follow bleubirdvintage and am copying her shamelessly. sorry miss james! all credits to you) i'll also be doing book reviews, musings, and whatever else i can come up with. hope to be entertaining.
since it's late, and i don't have an outfit to leave with you, here's some pretty things!
tonight's theme: spring!
pretty, pretty spring hair
love these ;]
does it get lovelier than this?
i don't know if this technically counts as "spring," but Marie Antoinette makes me all warm inside
pretty, pretty liebemarlene
ah, spring love

what is it about spring? what is it about sun and sand or grass and blue skies that seems to lift the spirit? it's as if the whole world is reaching in and saying, "welcome back" from some long, cold night.

you look delicious, like a really juicy peach
i've never felt this
for the time i can't explain in words
as the stars begin to burn
a little love song
-jose vanders, "a little love song"

adieu, adieu

(also, i'm new, so, if there's something here i haven't cited, or cited incorrectly, i apologize! lemme know,  and i'll figure out how to change it)

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