Saturday, April 30, 2011

run away with me.


This summer is going to be pretty crazy for me. I get out of school May 25, then Friday the 27, I visit Vanderbilt, and that Sunday, I left for a week to attend Volunteer Girls State. I get back from that June 4, then June 5, I leave for a four-week Governors School program. Crazy!
I've been so inspired by vintage luggage these days, since I'm going to be needed something to pack my stuff in for all these trips! I love the imagery of vintage luggage, it has a "getaway car" or "run away with me" feeling, like I just threw my vintage pearls and a 1950s dress in it to escape with my forbidden lover.

source: weheartit

I especially love the trunks. They would probably be the most practical, considering the amount of clothing I have to take (vintage skirts, dresses, blouses, ooh lala!).


Does anyone know where I could acquire one of these treasures? I would love to take them with me this summer!

Thursday, April 28, 2011



"Love, from its awful throne of patient power
In the wise heart, from the last giddy hour
Of dread endurance, from the slippery, steep,
And narrow verge of crag-like agony, springs
and folds over the world its healing wings."
--Percy B. Shelley

I'm feeling contemplative today. I might immerse myself in Shelley, or Poe, or Old Shakes, or Plato, or Dreiser. Maybe I'll sit under the sun and swaying trees and lose myself in some other place. Maybe I'll fall in love with some dashing literary hero, or analyze the relationship between an antagonist and his mother. Maybe I'll cry, or laugh, or watch humanity unfold and let it flourish.
Read, guys! Few things in the world make us great, but someone who is well-read has such capacity to know what greatness is, and what it does in the world.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pretty, pretty

Today was difficult, to be quite honest. I had a large workload coupled with a migraine that made me wish me brain would ooze through my eyeballs. Plus, there's this huge storm blowing across the country, headed my way.
BUT! I took a nice long nap when I got home, and I'm feeling better now, and ready to display some very pretty blue things:

pretty, pretty zoey deschanel
the sweetest little blue cupcake
boy, if i smoked, it would be with this lighter.
pretty little typewriter
(i really really really really really really want one.)
how cute! this is what i wanted for easter :]
the prettiest little closet office.
prettiest blue vintage.
pretty little blue teacups.
rip open the clouds, lemme see the sky.

source: weheartit.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

alas, poor Yoric!

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: target?
necklace: claires'
bag: thrifted

I don't wear heels much, but today it was a must in this suburban housewife attire. I thought after yesterday's androgynous outfit, I should remind the guys in my class that I am, in fact, a girl. (I think a few remembered, ha.)

My blog post title came from Hamlet, and why, you ask?
My Latin IV teacher is retiring this year, and she's clearing out her room. Her room is full of posters, books, knicknacks, anything and everything. Today she approached me in the library and asked, "Are you still planning to be an English professor?" When I answered yes, she revealed the most splendid thing I've seen all day:

Yes, a HUGE complete works of Shakespeare collection. Yes. I know. I am in love. Mrs. Clark-Brown is a darling, and I will miss her.

How are all of you today?
Now, I retire to this lovely rock pile:

TRIGONOMETRY! Oh, but I'll be dreaming of Old Shakes.

"The prince of darkness is a gentleman." --William Shakespeare, genius of the English language


Hello everyone! This is what I wore yesterday (sorry it's belated). I trimmed my bangs and pulled it back, and yes, those are my real glasses. I'e been wanting to wear this for some time, but I could not find my tie for the life of me! And surprise, surprise, guess what? It's in my closet.
I felt pretty beastly walking going to class-- the day must have been the day to wear pink, because all the girls were wearing pink yesterday. But they wore pretty pastel pink shirts and dresses and cardigans, and I strolled in with a pink and black power un-suit. Perfect, I loved it.

I may have said this before, but I absolutely LOVE girls in suits. I could probably wear a suit most of the time if I had enough variety.

Monday, April 25, 2011

lust list: ruche

floral whispers cream wedges - Click Image to Closegondola romance ruffle top - Click Image to Close
Rocketdog "Chillout" Crochet Flats - Click Image to Closedaisy daze eyelet dress - Click Image to Close

falling away with you collar dress - Click Image to Closepoodle oxford in grey - Click Image to Closelove is a song necklace - Click Image to Close

I'm not sure if I am going to have the opportunity to do an outfit post today (although I had an outfit I am pretty proud of), but I did want to stop by, say hello, and share a few pretty things with you from
hello, hello
adieu, adieu

book review: confessions of an ugly stepsister, gregory maguire

Most of us have probably heard of Gregory Maguire-- he is the famed author of Wicked, the novel on which the musical is based (and the musical is fabulous). 
This particular piece by Maguire I found I liked more than I thought I would; I found it at turns witty, gruesome, and thoughtful. It calls into questions issues that don't plague the mind everyday: what is the purpose of beauty? what befalls those who are not beautiful, what are their feelings? what is the purpose of art?
His rendition of Cinderella is clever and disturbing; she is not the lovely, sweethearted girl of ashes that we admire growing up. She is tortured and human.
The two stepsisters--Ruth and Iris-- tell the story. Iris struggles throughout the tale to come to terms with her new life in Haarlem, with Clara's beauty, her mother's madness, and it is also a tale of Iris's coming of age. She and Clara are dynamic characters. Both shift from children, frightened and superstitious, to engaging young women with minds of their own. Ruth, too, represents a level of change, and one that surprises the reader.
All in all, I highly recommend this work. Beautiful and ominous, and it does justice to the concept of childhood and fairytales.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter white.

cardigan: thrifted
dress: dressbarn
shoes: ross
bag: thrifted

My Easter Sunday was magical. I usually think of Easter as a sunny, warm day with Easter egg hunts and a big ole ham. Today wasn't that, at all.
We somehow managed to get our lazy selves up and went to church with a friend  of mine, Nicole. I absolutely love seeing church people on Easter Sunday! The ladies are all decked out with their lace and heels and pretty floppy hats, carrying their Bibles and purses, and the men stand with their hands in their suit pockets-- suits ranging from black to lavender and cream! So sweet, I love it.
The morning saw sporadic raining, but by the time church was out, a full-fledged storm was brewing. The rest of the day was alternately dark and rainy, then bright and sunny and it was all wonderful. I'm in a peaceful kind of mood today (even though I haven't finished my work on that paper, ahem).
How was your Easter? I hope it was lovely!

BTW: Isn't this little basket-bag magical? I fell absolutely in love with it. I kept flaunting it all day, haha.

Days like these make me sing "That's What I Love About Sunday." It reminded me that singular, unique beauty that Sunday brings.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

lust list: modcloth

I Feel Pretty DressAl Fresco Brunch Dress 
Wing Along DressRetro Reveler Dress in Blooms

Under the Willow DressMy Dear Dove Dress

Flying Horses DressHighest Score Dress

Rachel Antonoff Crimson and Collars DressTo the Lighthouse Dress

so, needless to say, just a few of the things that i've been coveting from modcloth!
it's been a busy day, and i haven't really gotten out of the house, but that didn't keep me from online shopping with my imaginary money, ha.
one of the things i really like about these pieces is the sweetness about them, almost childish, but completely wearable for ladies. i traditionally wear a lot of red and yellow, but the soft neutrals are seeping back into my wardrobe this spring!
so, before i bid thee adieu and return to studying, a humorous quote by Voltaire, the grumpiest of the Enlightenment philosophers:
"To succeed in the world, it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered."

adieu, adieu, pretties

Friday, April 22, 2011

channeling: ellen page

I generally tend to dress up a bit more during the week, but with weekends, I dress it way down. I go from two extremes: really, really girlie, with lace and pink and pearl bracelets, all the way back to the t-shirts, jeans, and converses. Some girls operate this way with the t-shirt days as their "lazy days" or "easy days," but I like to play with androgynous styles just as much as being a lady. Some days I think I could pull an Emma Watson and just cut all my hair off. (btw, I absolutely LOVE her new hair!)
I was inspired recently by Ellen Page's laid back, Indie style.

Simple? Too simple? Naw ;]
After this, I promptly came inside, threw my hair up, and put my glasses back on: my natural state. Then, I proceeded to take a couple comedic-relief photos with my mom.

Yes, I alternated between merely goofy to outright nasty.

NOW! I dedicate myself to finishing a paper for world history, an analysis of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" of the 1960s, and its legacy. Should be interesting.

I leave you with these words of Groucho Marx:
"Any man who says he can see through women is missing a lot."