Friday, April 22, 2011

channeling: ellen page

I generally tend to dress up a bit more during the week, but with weekends, I dress it way down. I go from two extremes: really, really girlie, with lace and pink and pearl bracelets, all the way back to the t-shirts, jeans, and converses. Some girls operate this way with the t-shirt days as their "lazy days" or "easy days," but I like to play with androgynous styles just as much as being a lady. Some days I think I could pull an Emma Watson and just cut all my hair off. (btw, I absolutely LOVE her new hair!)
I was inspired recently by Ellen Page's laid back, Indie style.

Simple? Too simple? Naw ;]
After this, I promptly came inside, threw my hair up, and put my glasses back on: my natural state. Then, I proceeded to take a couple comedic-relief photos with my mom.

Yes, I alternated between merely goofy to outright nasty.

NOW! I dedicate myself to finishing a paper for world history, an analysis of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" of the 1960s, and its legacy. Should be interesting.

I leave you with these words of Groucho Marx:
"Any man who says he can see through women is missing a lot."

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