Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter white.

cardigan: thrifted
dress: dressbarn
shoes: ross
bag: thrifted

My Easter Sunday was magical. I usually think of Easter as a sunny, warm day with Easter egg hunts and a big ole ham. Today wasn't that, at all.
We somehow managed to get our lazy selves up and went to church with a friend  of mine, Nicole. I absolutely love seeing church people on Easter Sunday! The ladies are all decked out with their lace and heels and pretty floppy hats, carrying their Bibles and purses, and the men stand with their hands in their suit pockets-- suits ranging from black to lavender and cream! So sweet, I love it.
The morning saw sporadic raining, but by the time church was out, a full-fledged storm was brewing. The rest of the day was alternately dark and rainy, then bright and sunny and it was all wonderful. I'm in a peaceful kind of mood today (even though I haven't finished my work on that paper, ahem).
How was your Easter? I hope it was lovely!

BTW: Isn't this little basket-bag magical? I fell absolutely in love with it. I kept flaunting it all day, haha.

Days like these make me sing "That's What I Love About Sunday." It reminded me that singular, unique beauty that Sunday brings.

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