Sunday, April 10, 2011

just a shortie.

Today's post will be short, guys.  It's a busy, busy Sunday, laden with schoolwork. I missed Monday-Wednesday for FBLA State Competition (i'll post on that at a later date), but Thursday and Friday I spent drugged up (more on that some other time maybe). SO-- I have a ridiculous amount of trig, research, and reading to do today!

But I had to talk a little about one of my newest inspirations:

i am not someone who usually likes to fuss with her hair, but i am absolutely enamored with headwraps now. so pretty, sweet, simple. effortless, and unmistakably feminine. 
and i must point out a store that sells beautiful headpieces. 
so much fun! i'll be experimenting, and i may post about it.

i would also like to make note of a few new music purchases.
levi kreis: "hardly a hero;" "i should go;" "with you;" "just this good"
jose vanders: "the magician;" "me without a you"
sara bareilles: "one sweet love;" "fairytale;" "my love"
gavin degraw: "chariot (stripped);" "dancing shoes"
holly brook: "saturdays"
jeff black: "sunday best"
jason mraz: "the remedy"
right now, i would say i'm into acoustics with maybe a southern or country flair, even a bit folksy, like eric hutchinson. (goodness, i love it when eric hutchinson growls.)

anyway, a shortie!
hope everyone has a lovely weekend! enjoy the 85 degree weather!

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