Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a lovely day.

Goodness! The world seemed to open up today. 85 degree weather, wind through my hair, and a sweet, sweet sun. Can it get better than this?
Yes! I got to sleep in this morning, and I got to school JUST as the bell was ringing for class. I love it.

cardigan: kohls
dress: thrifted
shoes: target

A little girl came up to me after school today and said, "You dress antique!"
Her sister looked at her and said, "Scooter, it's vintage."
Hahaa, it was so precious!

I really like that this dress has the lining on the side; it feels almost corset-like. I felt like such a princess today! I loved it. Would you believe I got this for five bucks? Crazy.
Anyway, although I am no photographer extraordinaire, I had to take a few photos of the beautiful day. Enjoy!

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