Friday, April 15, 2011

my first outfit post!

Yayayayayay! I'm uber excited that I'm getting to post an outfit!

blazer: Maurices
black jeans: forever21
shoes: payless
t-shirt: Beech Interact!

This is what I wore to the Battle of the Bands at my high school. The t-shirt was designed by students in our school, with the club emblem and the name of the charity, Mercy29, to which the proceeds go.
Mercy29 is a newish, local charity that works to help children in India and Africa by setting up communities to raise them, educate them, and teach them how to fend for themselves. It's an interesting idea, and the people who run it are passionate and so sweet.
Anyway, since it was a Battle of the Bands, I felt I had to wear something that screamed music!, hence the blazer. If I were in a band, this is definitely what I would wear.

Today's photos were taken by my brother, Brandon, the sweetheart. You guys know I've had trouble getting a photographer, and he agreed to help me. I love that kid!

You guys will probably hear me gush about him from time to time. He's becoming more clothing-conscious these days too. I remember when he was about ten or eleven, he asked me to take him shopping for the new school year. He said, "Jennifer, please show me how to dress cool."Now, who can resist that? Ah, love him.

We came in after that and took goober pictures on the Mac together, which was fun. Brandon and I are tiiight.

Brandon: "Jennifer, I don't like regular pictures 'cause they can see all our faults."

Daddy says, "We have more fun than regular people."
I can't but agree.

Good day and good night!

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