Saturday, April 30, 2011

run away with me.


This summer is going to be pretty crazy for me. I get out of school May 25, then Friday the 27, I visit Vanderbilt, and that Sunday, I left for a week to attend Volunteer Girls State. I get back from that June 4, then June 5, I leave for a four-week Governors School program. Crazy!
I've been so inspired by vintage luggage these days, since I'm going to be needed something to pack my stuff in for all these trips! I love the imagery of vintage luggage, it has a "getaway car" or "run away with me" feeling, like I just threw my vintage pearls and a 1950s dress in it to escape with my forbidden lover.

source: weheartit

I especially love the trunks. They would probably be the most practical, considering the amount of clothing I have to take (vintage skirts, dresses, blouses, ooh lala!).


Does anyone know where I could acquire one of these treasures? I would love to take them with me this summer!

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