Friday, May 6, 2011



This may be a bit outdated, but I saw Burlesque for the first time today, and lemme tell you, I loved it! Christina Aguilera, of course, her voice is ridiculous, but I saw another side of her. If I listen to her, I don't really see much of her performance, and I really enjoyed seeing her dance and get a little nasty, haha.


Although the movie took place in today's LA, I loved that it seemed stuck in a by-gone era. I am a big fan of Chicago, and although it wasn't exactly the same, I found a lot of similarities. (Ironically, though, I thought Burlesque was cleaner, in terms of sexual content, than Chicago, ha.)


Doesn't that just look like fun? I keep wanting to stuff myself in corset and paint my face like a cabaret star and shake my thing-- but rest assured, I am no dancer. Maybe I'll compensate by wearing a fedora over half of my face and fabricating "come hither" lashes.


In other news, I finally took my AP US History test today, AND I got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. A classmate of mine (the sweetheart!) stopped and changed my tire for me. And I thought chivalry was dead.

Although, it probably helped that I got to see this fine specimen on screen:


adieu, adieu

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