Friday, May 27, 2011

college visit.

Today my folks and I went on downtown and visited one of my top choices, Vandy. I've been to the gym down there several times, but I've never visited the dorms and the buildings where classes are held. I'd always fancied that I'd love to visit somewhere that reminds me of Hogwarts: infinitely old, academic, forbidding... there were eight libraries on campus. I thought I'd died and gone home to Jesus.

Something I found really interesting was that Vanderbilt grows every tree native to TN on its campus. The place was absolutely sloppy with trees; beautiful broad leaved magnolias and droopy branched trees and old, angry barked trees, and neat, prim trimmed trees. There were more squirrels there than students, I'm sure.
No cicadas to bother us, though! They only like the sunshine, and today the sky was a bit overcast. They were lying around everywhere on the ground. But I think some elderly couple didn't realize that, because the lady screamed and tripped. FUNNY!

I also enjoyed that although it seems very private and quiet when you're walking around campus, Nashville is really just a couple minutes away. You might turn and suddenly find yourself facing the street--- where you can walk to cafes and bookstores galore.

I could tell than the place was founded in the late 19th century; the whole redone Gothic architecture of the "Gilded Age" was very telling, and overwhelming. I felt a strong sense of academia there, but I wasn't uncomfortable. If anything, I'm probably more comfortable in a place with frowning doors and tudor windows than a geometric box shaped school. It was lovely to look around and try to picture myself there... shuffling to class, napping on the lawn, or doing research in one of their MANY libraries.

We actually ended up getting lost on that massive campus, haha. I didn't really mind, since I was happy just roaming the grassy fields and walking the stone walkways. But my folks were getting hungry (LAME), so we went to get Mellow Mushroom for lunch, YUM!

Later in the day my mom and I finished some shopping for my trip-- I'm leaving Sunday!! I may do a packing post tomorrow :]
Then Pop and I drove down in his new Pontiac Solstice to the local car show. 
Both of my folks are a bit sentimental right now, since I'll be gone so much this summer. How sweet.

All in all, today was lovely. Productive, and the weather was fine. 

adieu, adieu!

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