Saturday, May 14, 2011

everything's coming up rosey.

Today I decided to take it pretty easy. The sweater is a thin little thing that I LOVE: it is so comfortable. I broke out the shorts too, since I don't get to wear them often (shorts are forbidden at my school). My hair went up for a change. So, that's my outfit in a nutshell!

rose sweater: ross?
pleated shorts: target
loafers: walmart
bag: target

whoops! where'd my shorts go?

I spent today out with my mom; it was so sweet! We took photos for the blog first. 

Brandon decided he wanted to get in on the action. But it took a couple tries....

Mom and I went out to eat for lunch (I had soup and a salad), then went to a magical little hole-in-the-wall bookstore called Ms. B's. It was so small and it looked like a tiny little house nestled between two business buildings. It's a used bookstore, where everything is less than $10. We went to Target after that, where I bought an adorable pair of heels.

The guy at the cash register commented, "Pretty deep reading, ladies." My mom told him, "Oh, it's all my daughter," and laughed. He looked at me and tried to talk to me about my choices, but i was a bit flustered because he was older and kind of cute. I'm a nerd like that; I can't even have an attractive male waiter without getting embarrassed.

Mom and I took turns trying to walk in the big tall pair of heels I tripped in the other day. Both of us nearly broke our ankles, haha.
Anyway, I love my new shoes! I can't wait to wear them. I might just have to go out tomorrow and find something to do as an excuse to wear them. I could wear a dress and sip coffee at Starbucks over one of my new books. Mmm....

adieu, adieu

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