Monday, May 9, 2011

FAVORITE! baggy pink pants.

shoes: ross
shirt: old navy
bag: target
pants: thrifted

Ah, it's late in Nashville! It's been a long day, but not much has happened, you know? But these lovely baggy cuffed thrifted pink peachy pants sure comforted me on this warm Monday. I got them over a month ago, but I could never wear them because of the weather, but here they are! And I think they're here to stay-- I definitely see myself wearing them a lot this summer. I love the trendy neutral color, and how loose and how free they feel. They don't fit 100%, but I think every closet should have the loose pants, the tight pants, and the "painted on tight pants. *wink, wink.

The bag is an old favorite. I'm not much of a purse girl; I read too much and too thick of volumes to be able to really use purses. Most days I carry a backpack to school. But, when I do need a bag, it's this reliable brown wonder. I got it at Target a while ago, and it's seen me through warm weather, cold weather, and everything in between. I love its versatility, even if it doesn't scream "FASHION."

I have to admit, one of the must things about clothing for me is if they make me "feeeel" small. I like to feel petite and pretty in what I wear, whether it's a mansuit or a skirt or a dress. This pant and shirt and sandals combo made me feel light and weightless.

What about you guys? Anything that really makes or breaks a clothing item for you? I'd be interested to hear.

CHOMP! CHOMP! Food For Thought:
"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them."
-Napoleon Bonaparte
*I may start doing Food For Thought segments. Would that be interesting?

adieu, adieu

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