Friday, May 13, 2011


skirt: kohls (sale, $7)
shirt: stolen
sandals: payless
bag: thrifted
headband: ? 

Hey! Sorry this post is belated; it's what I actually wore yesterday. I'll have an outfit post for today up later, maybe tomorrow. I was looking for something easy and maybe even a little dark, considering that it was raining yesterday when I woke up. The shirt is a Metallica band tee that I stole from my brother, whoops. He wasn't happy about that.

You've probably noticed that I don't wear heels very much. It's simply because I feel awkward wearing them to school; I'm only seventeen, you know? But lemme tell you, when I'm in college, while all the other girls are wearing sweats and being lazy, I'm going to be wearing heels every single day! I'm so excited, honestly. 
But yesterday I had to run out and get a pair of nude heels, and I had a bit of a mishap that explains another reason I don't wear heels often. I got on a pair of platform heels and I practiced walking around in them in the store, and next thing I know, I trip and face-plant ungracefully on the ground. I got up real fast and smoothed me skirt back down, and then I realized a little old lady was in the aisle next to me. She didn't notice a thing.

Oh, and another Scooter sighting: she approached me this time and called me "ancient" instead of "antique" or "vintage." She said, "I love your ancient style!" Tanissa still reminds her that the word is "vintage" but the poor adorable thing can't seem to remember. How precious is that? I'll have to get a photo of her for you guys.

adieu, adieu

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