Tuesday, May 24, 2011

slouchy dress.

dress: thrifted
shoes: ross
headband: icing
clutch: icing

Hello, all! Today I took two of my exams; tomorrow I finish the year with an easy cheesey history exam, and then I'm free free free! Right now, I'm watching Dancing with the Stars finale, woot! Who's your favorite?
This outfit is actually what I wore yesterday. The day started out rainy and dark, so I had this plus some rain boots and my hair down, but when I went out to lunch, it was soo hot that I had to change shoes and pull my hair back. I'm realizing that I tend to gravitate toward dresses with free waists...probably because I like to eat. Oh! One other thing: this fall I'm planning to open my own etsy shop, and this dress will be up for sale, I think :] I think I'll be doing shoots with my models starting in July. So exciting!

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