Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello, hello, hello! I'm back, and I'm glad. Today was a nice day; the weather was warm, sultry, and the sky opened up. Added bonus: I went out to lunch with the pals, where we thought up senior prank ideas for next year. (And we made fun of an unidentified school whose seniors ruined the gym floor by dumping baby powder and syrup all over it. FAIL!)

cardigan: old navy
skirt: ?
shoes: target
bag: thrifted

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in LOVE with my new shoes. They're comfortable, unlike my other heels, and I wish I could wear them everyday! My feet felt sexy all day.
I was also inspired by the looks that Nicole Kidman wore in the new Bewitched, especially the sweet little tutu she wore for her date with Will Ferrel. I've hunted all over the place for a tutu like hers, but until I find one, this skirt will do.

In other news, I MAY COME OUT OF THIS SCHOOL YEAR WITH MY 4.0! I thought Trigonometry was going to be the end of me. Just gotta ace this exam next week, and I'm freeee.

"I'd be happy to adore him from a distance
But knowing he adores me from a distance
makes this hard, and it's slow
longing for just one more moment
knowing he has to go"
--"Stolen," Julie Moffitt
this lovely piano song has been in my head for several hours.

adieu, adieu

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