Monday, June 6, 2011

book review: the memoirs of cleopatra

Hello everyone! Yes, I am alive; it's been a week or so since I've updated (sorry!), I've been at Volunteer Girls State. Yes, it was AMAZING (I'll post on it later?), but for now, I have to tell you all about The Memoirs of Cleopatra.
I've been working on this novel for about two weeks. I found it both lingering over the culture and distinct mind of Cleopatra and fast-paced, thrilling. Her story is little known or understood, and I found her side of it fascinating. Margaret George is immensely talented; she delves into the characters of long-dead historical figures as if she knew them intimately. And that is what this novel is: intimate. It is a pageant, parading through the annals of history into ancient Egypt, a land many think they know but really don't. And it is Cleopatra, the woman who captured the two most powerful men of the world and ran her own country. Astounding and fearless, passionate and practical. She is not a flighty lover, but her voice holds gravity and momentum. Her life is essentially an epic; she is both the hero and the beauty.
I highly recommend this beautiful piece. Do not be afraid of the length-- I'll warn you now, my copy was 957 pages. But it is so worth it to read about her. She is a historical giant, completely worthy of time and attention.

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