Sunday, June 26, 2011

a look at gov school through pictures...

This is a completely un-fashion related post, but I have to share some of my favorite governors school photos with my audience and talk about it. I'm sorry I haven't posted any outfits in a while; it's hard to really get in the zone when I'm too busy being ridiculous.
Above is me and Jessie; we are laughing (and crying) at the Hellfire Commentaries reading on Youtube of "My Immortal." If you don't know it, listen to it. It's an absolute MUST.
Working on my first art project, a Noh mask, from Japanese Noh theater. It was messy, but I love the result. It's going to be in the Governors School art show!
Once again, listening to "My Immortal." I'm telling you, you need to listen to it. 
And then there was National Man Day...
we decided to dress like guys and act manly all day. We farted, made gross jokes, then held doors open for girls. It was wonderful.
I was working on my man-slouch (you know what I'm talking about, ladies). I have to say, I love myself as a guy. I totally want to cut my hair like this now and look dress androgynous all the time.
The third week of Governors School, they decided to have wacky dress up days. Monday was "M" day for Martin. I dressed up as a marionette! I loved it. I had little strings that people could play with, and I stayed in the lifeless, creepy character. My art teacher laughed her head off.
Nicole, as Mario. The cutiepie.
Logan couldn't decide if he was Moses or Mary, mother of God. Or a wizard, apparently.
Later that week, we had "Dress like another person on campus day." We've had a lot of construction work going on, and so I dressed like a construction worker! Surprisingly, I was the only one. All day, I kept getting weird looks from the real construction workers, like they were trying to figure out if I was one of them or not. I just gave them the man nod.
My motivational poster.
 Another fun thing we did was film a movie trailer. Every group chose something, and our group chose to do our rendition of Snow White. I played a milf/evil stepmother. It was a kind of plan/improv thing. I had fun with the cape most of all. Mwahahaha.
And now... more random photos with no real point to them!
"Fake An Injury" Day AND what's with that date? that's totally wrong :/
I go home on Saturday; it's going to feel so weird. I couldn't imagine being here a month ago, and now I can't imagine NOT being here. I'll miss these guys so much. I hate to go back to my regular school with people who don't know who Freud is.
Something else I hate? Doing badly in a class; I have a major paper due tomorrow morning that I need to finish, so good night! I'll get back to posting outfits regularly, I promise!

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