Tuesday, June 7, 2011

slap the ocean!

Whoa, what a whirlwind! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Last week, I attended VGS, which was a very demanding camp, and I got home Saturday-- just in time to leave for Governors School on Sunday morning. I definitely plan to do a post on VGS because it's totally worthy, but I need to stop and catch my breath first. It feels awkward to invest a fast-paced week getting to know one set of girls and falling in love with them, then being sent to live with another set of girls, in a completely different setting and with different counselors. So, not to be pessimistic, I'm just a bit tired.
But I am enjoying myself here as well! I'm taking Art History and US History, with an Ethics seminar in the afternoon. We have lengthy reading assignments, which is both a bummer and predictable. The weather is pretty fair; I can walk around comfortably. I've met some interesting and just a little bit eccentric students. 

(left to right: Nicole, me, Eileen)
(left to right: Brittany, Nicole, me, Eileen)

Yesterday was our first full day of classes. We didn't have much time to stop and take photos, but whatever. Today there was just the right amount of down time, when I could catch up. Of course, I was already behind when I woke up this morning. (I fell asleep on the US History book, whoops.)

The campus itself is small, but sweet. I'm still learning to find my way to all my classes.
Coincidentally, the cheerleaders are having their camp here too. Pretty funny: the complete opposite ends of the social spectrum.
Eileen is my roommate. She's a complete sweetheart; I'm also glad that we're alike in that we kind of keep to ourselves at night, when we're exhausted. I get pretty disagreeable when I'm tired.

 t-shirt: Gov School standard
skirt: Anne Taylor loft, thrifted
gladiators: payless
belt: borrowed
headband: borrowed

I love standing manly.
adieu, adieu

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