Thursday, July 14, 2011

American Pie.

dress: thrifted
flats: target (American Eagle)

I'm back! Back and happy about it! This afternoon all the major cleaning on my poor Mac was finished, and I am SO happy. (Proceeds with the happy dance)

This little red number I've had for months now and never had the courage to wear; it's a bit shorter than I'm used to and more form-fitting. But I guess every girl needs her polka dots. (NOTE: This dress may go on sale someday.)
I wore this out to go thrifting, where I got quite a few little treasures I'll be happy to wear, as soon as I get out of the house. I have several sewing projects that I'm hoping to finish soon, including an Etsy find that I LOVE, but unfortunately was made for a seven-foot Amazon woman with my waist and a double-D chest. So that's an addition to my pile of projects.

At this point in the summer, I find myself already looking forward to fall. I have numerous outfits hanging in my closet, all put together, of fun things I can't wait to wear this fall. I'm seeing a lot of brown, greens, mustard, and some slate grey in my wardrobe. I'm inspired by Kani's fall outfits already; she makes me miss my tights and warm cardigans and black dresses.


Till then, I still have plenty inspiration for the remainder of the summer; I'm still in love with the pale blues, pinks, the lace, and the cotton frocks with shots of bright reds and blues through my outfits. I'll write more on that later ;]

And... here's a sneak peak of a sweet something that I've already finished! My first real sewing project!

adieu, adieu!

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