Sunday, July 17, 2011


blouse: thrifted
shorts: borrowed
loafers/bag: target
owl necklace: sugar & spice (Martin, TN)

Unfortunately, despite my many attempts to be un-shy in front of a camera, I am still a little uncomfortable. And this weekend I take my dreaded... SENIOR PICTURES! (dun, dun) Ew.
Anyway, this outfit was something sweet and simple that I just threw together. I've had the huge blouse for a while, but I had trouble wearing it without a jumper till today. I think my little owl helped make everything better; I'll have to take him to my senior shoot with me. (BTW: His name is Archimedes, how perfect is that?!)

I felt kind of college-y in this too (hehe), like some liberal arts student just leaving her study session on Machiavelli's Prince or the origins of the Renaissance. Speaking of which, I also got my new iPhone today (wooo!), whose name is officially Lorenzo (after Ill Magnifico). And keeping in line with my rather academic attitude, I'll be studying for the SAT in September starting tomorrow (At least that's my plan anyway). After all that reasoning and grammar, I'll have to purge myself with pretty things on weheartit<3 and play in my closet with my thrift store finds. has become traditional when my brother is absent for my photo time, he successfully ruins them.

My reaction: HEAVY SIGH

adieu, adieu!

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