Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspiration: Jose Vanders

(look! look! more polka dots!)

Jose Vanders is a British singer/songwriter that I came across several years ago, back when Myspace was still cool, and it was still cool to get a Myspace although I wasn't of age. But her music is something that has been a source of inspiration for me, especially in the spring and summer. Her voice is soft, tender, and accompanied by the piano makes for beautiful, lilting music. Something about it seems to speak of gentle breezes coming through windows with sheer curtains, an empty room with only a piano, sundresses and sun hats...
She also has a charm in her lyrics, which are simple but capture some things that are difficult to communicate. Her song "Man On Wire" is particularly beautiful:
If I wrote down a hundred things
that I thought that I could do 
by the time that I was sixty-seven,
would there be another list
of all the things that I missed
all because I had a fear of failing?
She isn't a Taylor Swift or a Ke$ha, not a teen girl with nothing to sing about but money to make-- she has a purpose, it seems, a message to communicate about herself and her world, and it's a place worth visiting.
See for info and a sample of her music. You won't be disappointed.

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