Saturday, July 2, 2011



Home, home again. Home amongst my trees and hills and broken air conditioner, with my parents and my little brother that I missed like a severed hand, but I hesitate, and look back.

We drove home the three and half hours, and I was in a daze, and not just from the all-nighter of sad goodbyes and partying and watching absurd movies. This IS my world, with the people I've known for years, but there, back at Governors School, is Neverland (as a student in 2001 appropriately called it).
So strange, that in a place where they expect us to grow up a little, I find myself falling back into childhood--laughing like a teenager, like a normal person amongst her peers. Yes, yes, we did college work, which sounds like a drag, but it pales inn comparison to the feeling of being amongst other people like me, interested in philosophy and history and the obscenity of passive voice.
Joe called us "his people;" I can't help but agree. It didn't even hit me until we pulled into our driveway, and I looked around and they were all gone, those people I had come to cherish over the last several weeks. I cried, although I thought I wouldn't. Mom says it's a chapter in my life, but it is a hard chapter to close. We became a family, and we inhabited Neverland like few of us have the chance to experience. I am so thankful for the experience.

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