Monday, July 4, 2011


Today was nice, but just nice. It was cooler than yesterday, which was blistering hot, and I got to see my pal Mel for a few hours. We browsed Barnes and Noble and split a cheesecake. Mm. Also, I had "Wagon wheel" by Bob Dylan stuck in my head all day.
Rock me, mamma, like a wagon wheel, rock me, mama, any way you feel...!

hat: ?
bag: thrifted
shoes: target
dress: Ross
belt: ?

This outfit is one of my personal favorites. It's so effortless and comfortable, and I've always been iffy about wearing stripes because I know they can make me look wider... but I tossed that to the wind in favor of this sweet little number. The perfect thing for a warm July day, AND it's not overly patriotic for America Day, but not cheering for, say, those Nazis or something. I need a good 'Merica movie.


Funny-- my brother's friend came to visit him from TX today, and he said to me: "Hey, Jordan's coming over, don't look bad."

And America Day ended with...yep, you guessed it-- Chinese food. 
And on a day we celebrate with....yes, Chinese fireworks. 
IRONY! I drown in IRONY!
Happy America Day!

(in bed)

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