Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CHOMP! CHOMP! Food for Thought.


"If you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."
Walt Disney

Be curious today. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

daddy's girl.

Once upon a time,
a little girl loved her daddy very, very much. But he was a traveler; he took trips to far off lands for work, and she could never go with him. But the little girl was never sad because she knew her daddy would always come home.
One day, he brought her home a pair of little blue and silver shoes. He told her they reminded him of her, and that they would look pretty and dainty on her little feet. She wore them all the time, especially when he was away.

top & flower accessory: old navy
skirt: ?
shoes: far off lands (or ?)

One day, the girl's daddy did not come home. She did not understand for a long time why he did not return to her, and she held the little blue shoes in contempt for the offense. The little blue shoes were locked in a box in her closet, and she did not bring them out and wear them.
Then, she heard the word and understood his occupation: soldier. There was so much honor and dignity in the word. The pain cleared in a second, replaced by pride.
Her daddy left to go out and lay his life on the line for her, for other little girls like herself, and even for those little girls' parents. She pictured him in her head as a folk giant, a knight, a hero like Hercules or like Arthur, the one to save the day and rescue them all. Her chest swelled with love.

The little girl brought out the blue shoes and looked at them. They were old now, and too small for her feet, but she touched them tenderly and understood, the greatest gift from a child to a parent. The little blue and silver shoes were forever very precious to her, for they were her only connection to her mythical, great, soldier of a father.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here Am I.

dress: Ross
shoes: Ross

Once upon a time,
it was her first red dress. Her friends had kidnapped her and taken her shopping. "You have a great figure!" they said, laughing good-naturedly. "You need to show yourself off sometimes!"
To her protests, they took her hands and said, "Don't worry. You will look fabulous."

She sat on her bed and stared at it in her closet. It was an unoffending dress, simple cut, modest, even fashionable, but it was red. Red says hello, look at me! Red says, I am attractive. Red says, I've got everything under control.
She certainly did not feel that way today. She looked down at herself, picking out a thousand mistakes on her person, places she did not want to showcase, things she wanted to hide, and Red just cried, Try me on for size!

It looked like a rite of passage almost, the first time she would unveil her legs in public and shun all forms of self-consciousness. It was a symbolic first step. She stared and stared.
Red whispered, I am here.
She bit her lip and pulled the red dress on.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

royal purple.

top: old navy
skirt: thrifted
flower pin: The Looking Glass
pearls: ?

Once upon a time,
there was a little princess who lived in the land where the ancient, proud mountains craned their purple heads to the sky. Her favorite thing to do was read, and her favorite place to read was outside, on the young green grasses at the base of the mountains. She shirked her tutors, her king and queen parents, even her suitors, to come and lie in the sun, her nose in a book.

Often, she would disappear for hours, and her elderly servant-woman would search, in a frenzy, till she found the little princess, in contented sleep, her nose on her book.

On day, her father the king told her that the kingdom was holding a ball in her honor, so she could pick a husband from amongst its attendees. Her old servant gladly dressed her mistress in a fine violet dress and wound flowers in her hair, chattering away with girlish excitement about the ball. The old woman turned away for a moment to pick the perfect pair of shoes, and when she returned to slip the princess's feet into them, the girl was gone.

The princess scurried to the meadow, laughing at her servant's expense. She arranged herself prettily in the grass and opened her book to read.

A little later, a young man stepped into the glade. He had come from the castle, fleeing his own servants at the princess's ball. The boy was a prince; he had a book tucked under his arm. But when he found the perfect hiding place, he stumbled upon a sleeping girl. He approached her, saw her nose in her book and her purple dress bright against the bright green grass, and he pulled a flower from her hair and smelled it. Then the prince draped his cloak over her body. When the princess awoke, he was gone.

The princess came, day after day, back to the meadow at the base of the purple mountains to find the young man who left her his cloak. The wind whipped her deep purple gown, and the flowers drifted out of her hair. One day, she ventured a little further into the wood, past the little private meadow, and found a boy leaning against a gnarled and studious tree, his cap over his face, and his body motionless in repose. A book was in his lap, open, as if he had just set it down.

The little princess knew at once who he was, and she bent to leave a flower in his hand. Of course, for several days afterward, he searched for her again, and found her, as usual, asleep in the meadow, in the sun, below the purple mountains.

The lovers thus teased each other through their childhood-- laughing and leaving tokens of affection: flowers, little teacups with notes, a ribbon for her hair-- until finally he left her a ring, and a kiss, and a question.

Friday, August 19, 2011

pretty, pretty


Happy Friday! Let me tell you, I've been looking forward to this day all week :)
I'm going to watch Mel Gibson kick butt in The Patriot and Braveheart tonight. Enjoy the pretty pictures, and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

lizzy, lizzy

dress: thrifted
cardigan: thrifted
shoes: target

We're discussing Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice this week in English, and I felt very Lizzy Bennett in this outfit today. In the 2005 Kiera Knightley movie, Lizzy's dress is pretty and feminine, but understated, humble, as if she had just stumbled from the field where she was reading a book. I love the entire feel of the movie (although it's not entirely true to the book) because it seems to sigh and smile and laugh at the same time. It's definitely one of my favorite feel-good movies, and it continues to be an inspiration for me when I feel like dressing a little simpler, a little more bookish... as if I could step outside and see Mr. Darcy with a proposal on his lips :)
The dress is actually denim, which is ideal because denim dresses hold their structure well and don't blow up or hike up randomly when I sit down. I love the jumper look of it, but it's simple and perfect for late summer. My grandpa sweater is a new acquisition, and it will reappear several times this fall.

I want an excuse to hold a Regency ball like the Netherfield ball in the book. How much fun would it be to pin your hair up and wear long, flowing white gowns with feathers and beads and fans, drinking champagne and pretending to be rich? It sounds delightful to me.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." --Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

paint the town red.

shirt: homemade
vest: thrifted
red pants: thrifted
shoes: target
fedora: borrowed/stolen

Brandon suggested "Walking in red streaks" for the title of this blog post. LAWL. (Some of you may decide that's better than mine, whoops.)
To be completely honest, I did not have much of a vision when I got dressed this morning. I wanted to wear something comfortable and less on the girly side, but that was about it. I mentioned before that I'm really into t shirts right now, and I've been trying to incorporate them into my outfits for a more laid back look, but still with the UMPF of fashion.

This particular shirt came to me in a fit of self-parody; at Gov. School, I was accused of being a "hipster," so of course I researched the term on Urbandictionary! I found the shirt here, and decided to mock the hipster idea a little bit. On another note, these jeans are one of my absolute favorite. I think of John Mayer's song "Little Red Corvette" every time I don these beauties. To add a bit of pizazz, I borrowed my little brother's fedora. He may never see them again....

I'm spending the evening doing absolutely nothing but sketching and chilling out. I watched several hair tutorials too; I'm feeling the lure of high buns, braids, twists, and that adorable Lady Gaga bow bun :)
I haven't felt well today, so I'm essentially procrastinating until tomorrow. Good night!

Monday, August 15, 2011

winner's circle

Whew! I know it seems like I sing the same old story of being busy time and time again, but I am. Senior year started last week, and I am already buried beneath a pile of Physics, AP English, Government, and Calculus! I have posts from last week, no worries, I didn't shirk my duty to the fashion community; they'll just be posted at a later date.

oversized shirt: thrifted
skirt: stolen
leggings: Target?
shoes: Target

What have you all been doing? I feel so far removed from everyone! I went to a family reunion this last weekend, and before that, I was furiously doing schoolwork. During the school year, school alone pretty much dominates my life. When I have time, I sketch and read and dream up vintage outfits :)

My friend Bree saw me this afternoon and the first words out of her mouth were: "YOU LOOK SO ASIAN!" I admit, I was majorly inspired by Asian fashion, especially with the super high bun that I'm not quite brave enough to wear to school yet. I find myself looking more and more at Asian Chictopians in search of ideas. Does anyone else think the school uniforms are adorable?! I want to wear one so badly, I may make a pseudo-uniform look someday (after I get through my current sewing projects...).

like my uneven whispy hairs? ;)

This shirt won out in an "interesting t shirt contest" I held last time I went thrifting. I really want some neat t shirts these days, just ones with little to no explanation but really AWESOME words scrawled across the chest. I like looking up clever sayings or scribbling sarcasm across my shirts. Self-parody also is a favorite thing. This fall, around November, when I'm hitting my usual laziness/delirium/exhaustion, I'll be wearing a lot of easy cheesy shirts paired with skirts and tights and boots.
...Which brings me to what I'm sure many of you are feeling: I'M SO EXCITED FOR FALL! AHHH, THE LAYERING! THE LAYERING! It's probably one of my favorite things about fashion, layering. I have a hard time stopping, I just keep wanting to add things to my fall outfits. What about you guys?

OKAY, so, it's time to go back to being the usual dutiful student that I am, so I have a paper to write and a Calculus test to study for (and Physics homework that I may not even attempt...), so good night, all! Enjoy the day! (Isn't the weather just divine?)

Monday, August 1, 2011

swing me 'round

This skirt is one my newest vintage treasures; I got it a few days ago while visiting my dearest Forrest in Sewanee. We went into town to do some thrifting, a new experience for a couple of girls in our little group, and it was such a success! I hit the long skirt jackpot, and came home with some beauties for this fall. I've officially dubbed this one my "peasant" skirt because it makes me feel like an eastern European village woman. I should sitting at a loom, spinning tapestries and tales for my young grandchildren or something. It's a soft fabric, and I love the pattern with fall-ish colors; it makes me pine for orange and red leaves and crisp air that bites my cheeks. And it was especially convenient to wear when swinging high in the trees in my yard; wouldn't want to show the world my world, would I?
In other news, I got my school supplies yesterday: SO SAD! I am already mourning the loss of freedom that senior year brings.