Sunday, August 28, 2011

daddy's girl.

Once upon a time,
a little girl loved her daddy very, very much. But he was a traveler; he took trips to far off lands for work, and she could never go with him. But the little girl was never sad because she knew her daddy would always come home.
One day, he brought her home a pair of little blue and silver shoes. He told her they reminded him of her, and that they would look pretty and dainty on her little feet. She wore them all the time, especially when he was away.

top & flower accessory: old navy
skirt: ?
shoes: far off lands (or ?)

One day, the girl's daddy did not come home. She did not understand for a long time why he did not return to her, and she held the little blue shoes in contempt for the offense. The little blue shoes were locked in a box in her closet, and she did not bring them out and wear them.
Then, she heard the word and understood his occupation: soldier. There was so much honor and dignity in the word. The pain cleared in a second, replaced by pride.
Her daddy left to go out and lay his life on the line for her, for other little girls like herself, and even for those little girls' parents. She pictured him in her head as a folk giant, a knight, a hero like Hercules or like Arthur, the one to save the day and rescue them all. Her chest swelled with love.

The little girl brought out the blue shoes and looked at them. They were old now, and too small for her feet, but she touched them tenderly and understood, the greatest gift from a child to a parent. The little blue and silver shoes were forever very precious to her, for they were her only connection to her mythical, great, soldier of a father.

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  1. The sweater is such a perfect colour! Love the necklace too!