Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here Am I.

dress: Ross
shoes: Ross

Once upon a time,
it was her first red dress. Her friends had kidnapped her and taken her shopping. "You have a great figure!" they said, laughing good-naturedly. "You need to show yourself off sometimes!"
To her protests, they took her hands and said, "Don't worry. You will look fabulous."

She sat on her bed and stared at it in her closet. It was an unoffending dress, simple cut, modest, even fashionable, but it was red. Red says hello, look at me! Red says, I am attractive. Red says, I've got everything under control.
She certainly did not feel that way today. She looked down at herself, picking out a thousand mistakes on her person, places she did not want to showcase, things she wanted to hide, and Red just cried, Try me on for size!

It looked like a rite of passage almost, the first time she would unveil her legs in public and shun all forms of self-consciousness. It was a symbolic first step. She stared and stared.
Red whispered, I am here.
She bit her lip and pulled the red dress on.

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