Monday, August 1, 2011

swing me 'round

This skirt is one my newest vintage treasures; I got it a few days ago while visiting my dearest Forrest in Sewanee. We went into town to do some thrifting, a new experience for a couple of girls in our little group, and it was such a success! I hit the long skirt jackpot, and came home with some beauties for this fall. I've officially dubbed this one my "peasant" skirt because it makes me feel like an eastern European village woman. I should sitting at a loom, spinning tapestries and tales for my young grandchildren or something. It's a soft fabric, and I love the pattern with fall-ish colors; it makes me pine for orange and red leaves and crisp air that bites my cheeks. And it was especially convenient to wear when swinging high in the trees in my yard; wouldn't want to show the world my world, would I?
In other news, I got my school supplies yesterday: SO SAD! I am already mourning the loss of freedom that senior year brings.

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  1. Your skirt and shoes are so pretty!! I really like them. That is such a cool name for a forest: Sewanee. I like that.