Monday, August 15, 2011

winner's circle

Whew! I know it seems like I sing the same old story of being busy time and time again, but I am. Senior year started last week, and I am already buried beneath a pile of Physics, AP English, Government, and Calculus! I have posts from last week, no worries, I didn't shirk my duty to the fashion community; they'll just be posted at a later date.

oversized shirt: thrifted
skirt: stolen
leggings: Target?
shoes: Target

What have you all been doing? I feel so far removed from everyone! I went to a family reunion this last weekend, and before that, I was furiously doing schoolwork. During the school year, school alone pretty much dominates my life. When I have time, I sketch and read and dream up vintage outfits :)

My friend Bree saw me this afternoon and the first words out of her mouth were: "YOU LOOK SO ASIAN!" I admit, I was majorly inspired by Asian fashion, especially with the super high bun that I'm not quite brave enough to wear to school yet. I find myself looking more and more at Asian Chictopians in search of ideas. Does anyone else think the school uniforms are adorable?! I want to wear one so badly, I may make a pseudo-uniform look someday (after I get through my current sewing projects...).

like my uneven whispy hairs? ;)

This shirt won out in an "interesting t shirt contest" I held last time I went thrifting. I really want some neat t shirts these days, just ones with little to no explanation but really AWESOME words scrawled across the chest. I like looking up clever sayings or scribbling sarcasm across my shirts. Self-parody also is a favorite thing. This fall, around November, when I'm hitting my usual laziness/delirium/exhaustion, I'll be wearing a lot of easy cheesy shirts paired with skirts and tights and boots.
...Which brings me to what I'm sure many of you are feeling: I'M SO EXCITED FOR FALL! AHHH, THE LAYERING! THE LAYERING! It's probably one of my favorite things about fashion, layering. I have a hard time stopping, I just keep wanting to add things to my fall outfits. What about you guys?

OKAY, so, it's time to go back to being the usual dutiful student that I am, so I have a paper to write and a Calculus test to study for (and Physics homework that I may not even attempt...), so good night, all! Enjoy the day! (Isn't the weather just divine?)

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