Saturday, November 12, 2011

back to business.


My, my, my. How long it has been! I sincerely miss you all. Being a busy senior is really getting in the way of my blogging.
However, I AM back! I am returning in full, with diys, reviews, musings, and of course, FASHION (at least as I know it, haha).

September- hectic little month, full of football games (hey! our school made playoffs!), Calculus (agh), with sprinkles of poetry, and novels like Wuthering Heights, Heart of Darkness, and my favorite, Hamlet (I'm doing my end-of-course paper on Hamlet's madness, whoo). 
October- Turned 18! Yay! I'm a big girl now, made a few tinsy-big steps like opening my own bank account. 
November- finishing applying to school and writing furiously for scholarships! For those of you curious, my top choice is Vanderbilt :) Also, I'm waay pumped because I'm taking my little brother (15 years old) on his first thrifting venture tomorrow. It's surely to be adorable, watching him wade through tons of clothes in search of the golden opportunity. Pictures will be a MUST.

I am opening an Etsy shop this month AND I will be starting out with a Black Friday sale! Prices way down for a some sweet little black dresses, tops, skirts, ect. How's that sound? :D Sometime next week, I will tantalize you with a preview of the items and more details!

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